Nigel Pugh

Topic: AI-based decision making in human in the loop

Chancellor’s Distinguished PhD Fellows. 2021 Expected.

Larkin Folsom

Topic: Uncertainty removing routing with Computationally efficient Deep-learning based decision making

PhD Candidate. 2020 Expected.

Justice Darko

Topic: Advanced technology based ariel and ground dynamic routing

PhD Student. 2022 Expected.

Yaa Acquaah

Topic: Transit uncertainty prediction and scheduling

PhD Student. 2022 Expected.

Shaun Little

Topic: TBD

Chancellor’s Distinguished PhD Fellows. 2022 Expected.

Khadijeh Shirzad

Topic: TBD

PhD Student. 2022 Expected.

Ni Su

Topic: TBD

MS Student. 2019 Expected.

Deion Waddell M.S.  (Graduated)

Topic: Online emergency service

MS degree. 2018 Graduated.

Job: Northrop Grumman, System Engineer

Yaqeen Salatneh M.S. (Graduated)

Topic: Police patrol scheduling problem in campus

MS degree. 2018 Spring. Graduated.

Current Thesis Committee

Ali Alwehaibi, Deep learning approaches to amend/create multiclass classification methods, PhD Candidate, 2019 Expected

Synthia Glass, Airline rational behavior with emergencies, PhD Candidate, 2019 Expected

Yogesh Kale, Facility Recommendation Algorithms based on Researcher Usage Data, PhD Candidate, 2019 Expected

Previous Thesis Committee

Vinh K, Optimal deployment of multiple UAVs for surveying an area of interest, Masters Thesis, 2018 Fall Graduated.

Assistant Professor, North Carolina A&T State University

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