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    Travelers’ rationality in anticipatory online emergency response.Sole PI Park (NCA&T) Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 CATM 2/2018 – 8/2019 Abstract Exhibit F Deep Learning Software for Traffic State Prediction. PI, Co-PI Park (NCA&T) Sponsor: NC Transportation Center of Excellence in Advanced Technology Mobility and Congestion. 8/2020 – 7/2022. Information-theoretic Route Planning for Aerial and Ground Vehicles. 2019 […]

  • First-last mile On-Demand

    First-last mile On-Demand

    Vulnerable Road Users Personalized, Optimum, and Dynamic Routing (VRUPOD) PI Park (NCA&T), Co-PI: Yi, Seong (NCA&T), Owens, Miller (VTTI) Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 CATM 2/2019 – 1/2020, (pending) 2/2020 – 8/2021 First Mile to Health: Improving Healthcare Access in NC Co-PI Park (NCA&T), PI Monast (NCSU ITRE), Mcdonald (UNC) Sponsor: NC Transportation Center of Excellence […]

  • Driver Attention Monitoring

    Driver Attention Monitoring

    1. Using the new SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Safety Databases to examine safety concerns for older Driver Investigator Park (NCA&T) PI: Samuel, Co-PI Knodler, Gao (UMASS) NETC 15-2, Sponsor: NETC 01/2017-06/2017 (06/2018 project period) 2. Modeling effects of forward roadway glance durations on latent hazard detection. Researcher Park Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 Safety Research Using Simulation 6/2016 […]

  • Information-Theoretic Navigation

    Information-Theoretic  Navigation

    Information-theoretic Multiagent Paths for Anticipatory Control of Tasks (IMPACT) PI: Park (Single) Sponsor: NSF Robust Intelligence Abstract Intelligent Data Exploration & Analysis for New & Existing Transportation Technology (IDEANETT) PI Park (NCA&T), Co-PI Mcbride (NCA&T), Mcdonald (UNC DCRP) Sponsor: NC Transportation Center of Excellence in Advanced Technology Safety and Policy. 1/2020 – 12/2022 Information-theoretic Route […]

  • VDOT Projects

    VDOT Projects

    1. Developing a Plan for Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Traffic Operations Applications in Virginia Co-PI Park (NCA&T) PI: Alden, Co-PI Coggin (VTTI) VTRC 116038, Sponsor: VDOT 8/2019 – 7/2021 Abstract VTRC WEBSITE 2. Roadside Truck Placard Readers for Advanced Notice and Response at Safety- Critical Facilities Co-PI Park (NCA&T) PI: Alden (VTTI) VTRC 116038, […]