Travelers’ rationality in anticipatory online emergency response.Sole PI Park (NCA&T) Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 CATM 2/2018 – 8/2019 Abstract Exhibit F

Deep Learning Software for Traffic State Prediction. PI, Co-PI Park (NCA&T) Sponsor: NC Transportation Center of Excellence in Advanced Technology Mobility and Congestion. 8/2020 – 7/2022.

Information-theoretic Route Planning for Aerial and Ground Vehicles. 2019 Visiting Professor Park (NCA&T) Sponsor: NASA JPL Collaboration with Robotics Group PI Ono 5/2019 – 8/2019 Abstract.

Roadside Truck Placard Readers for Advanced Notice and Response at Safety- Critical Facilities. Co-PI Park (NCA&T) PI: Alden (VTTI) VTRC 114591, Sponsor: VDOT 11/2018 – 9/2019  Abstract VTRC WEBSITE.

Advanced Traffic Analysis of Aerial Video Data. PI Park (NCA&T), Co-PI: Yi (NCA&T) Sponsor: NCDOT, 3/2019 – 8/2019

Research Output

  • Simulation-Based Optimization of Emergency Response Considering Rationality of Travelers, D. Waddell, N. Pugh, K. Shirzad, H. Park, Proceedings of the The 98th Annual Meeting of TRB2019, #19-05975, 2019.
  • Online Optimization with Look-Ahead for Freeway Emergency Vehicle Dispatching considering Availability, H. Park, D., Waddel, A. Haghani, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, in Production.
  • Real-time crash prediction and avoidance under unexpected traffic congestion, H. Park, A. Haghani, M.A. Knodler, S. Samuel, Accident Analysis & Prevention 112, 39-49, 2018
  • Visualization-based Dynamic Dispatching of First Responders.D. Waddell, N. Pugh, H. Park. Proceedings of theThe 98th Annual Meeting of TRB2019, #19-05569, 2019.
  • Prediction of Secondary Crash Likelihood considering Incident Duration using High Order Markov Model. N. Pugh, H. Park. Proceedings of the IEEE SoutheastCon 2019, Huntsville, AL, April 2019.
  • Stochastic emergency response location model considering secondary incidents on freeways. H. Park. Ali Shafahi, Ali Haghani, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 17 (9), 2528-2540, 2016.
  • Real-time prediction of secondary incident occurrences using vehicle probe data. H. Park. Ali Haghani, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 70, 69–85, 2016.
  • Stochastic Capacity Adjustment Considering Secondary Incidents. H. Park. Ali Haghani, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 17 (10), 2843 – 2853, 2016.
  • Interpretation of Bayesian neural networks for predicting the duration of detected incidentsl. H. Park, Ali Haghani, Xin Zhang, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 20 (4), 385-400, 2016.


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