First-last mile On-Demand

Vulnerable Road Users Personalized, Optimum, and Dynamic Routing (VRUPOD)

PI Park (NCA&T), Co-PI: Yi, Seong (NCA&T), Owens, Miller (VTTI)
Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 CATM
2/2019 – 1/2020, (pending) 2/2020 – 8/2021

First Mile to Health: Improving Healthcare Access in NC

Co-PI Park (NCA&T), PI Monast (NCSU ITRE), Mcdonald (UNC)
Sponsor: NC Transportation Center of Excellence in Advanced Technology Mobility and Congestion. 8/2020 – 7/2022

(pending) Vulnerable Road User Transit Optimization with healthcare Privatization (VRUTOP)

PI Park (NCA&T)
Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 CATM
2/2020 – 7/2021 

Reinforcement Learning-based Pedestrian Dynamics Models for Emergency Evacuation.

PI Park (NCA&T) Co-PI: Liu, Namilae (ERAU).
Sponsor: USDOT Tier 1 CATM
4/2019 – 3/2021 

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