NASA Projects

NASA Projects

UAS-based Active Hurricane Sensing with Information-theoretic Path Planning.

Co-I Park (NCA&T)
PI: Hiro Ono, Co-I: Hui Su (NASA JPL)
Contract: RSA1646362, Sponsor: NASA JPL
1/2020 – 9/2020
Press Release

Spatiotemporal Entropy to Guide Targeted Meteorological Observations

Co-I Park (NCA&T)
PI: Derek Posselt, Co-I: Hiro Ono, Hui Su (NASA JPL)
Contract: RSA1659540, Sponsor: NASA JPL
1/2021 – 9/2021
Press Release

Information-theoretic Route Planning for a Heli-Rover Team.

Co-I Park (NCA&T)
PI: Ono, Co-I: Otsu, Agha (NASA JPL)
Contract: RSA1625294, Sponsor: NASA JPL
4/2019 – 9/2019

Information-theoretic Route Planning for Autonomous Vehicle.

2018 & 2019 Visiting Professor Park (NCA&T)
Sponsor: NASA JPL
Collaboration with Robotics Group PI Ono
5/2018 – 8/2018, 5/2019 – 8/2019

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