distributionally robust optimization

Welcome to John’s Research focusing on Distributionally Robust Optimization based active sensing sponsored by NSF, VDOT, NCDOT, USDOT, DOE, and NASA JPL. Please click each topic to see more detail current and past projects and contributions.

Recent good news!

  • Dr. Park’s United States Patent Application USSN 16/254,474 “Transportation Infrastructure Location and Redeployment” has been awarded and being processed for issuing! The invent itself is mostly based on This Paper.
  • An interesting project sponsored by NASA JPL “UAS-based Active Hurricane Sensing with Information-theoretic Path Planning” started in collaboration with Hui Su (Principal, Engineering and Science Directorate) from Stratosphere And Upper Troposphere (329D) and Masahiro Ono (Research Technologist) from Robotic Surface Mobility (347F).
  • PhD Candidate Larkin Folsom received one of 2019 Outstanding Students of the Year Award at the Annual meeting of TRB2020, during the Council of University Transportation Centers Banquet, recognized by US Department of Transportation. More Details
  • Nigel Pugh, Chancellor’s PhD Student Fellow will be at NASA JPL this summer 2020!

Are you one of the interested and motivated graduate students with strong programming skills? Please send a resume to Dr. John Park Contact: hpark1@ncat.edu

Assistant Professor, North Carolina A&T State University